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Local Produce

Local Produce

Amoa Resort Supporting Local Farmers

When you think of Samoa just try and stop yourself from conjuring up images of deliciously sweet tropical fruits, an array of lagoon caught seafood & baskets laden with coconuts & cacao that grow wild in the lush plantations that span the volcanic island.  

Here in Savaii eating food that is gathered each day from the sea or the plantation is nothing new, in fact weve been doing it for centuries.  

At Amoa Resort we understand how important it is to use local produce and the benefits to the community that are made by offering a locally sourced menu.  Each day we use a selection of tjhe freshest ingredients sourced by local farmers and delivered in basekts made from woven coconut palms. 

When you visit Savaii we invite you to taste and experience this yourself by trying our Amoa Resort menu or going on an plantation discovery tour or walk.  

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Island Organics

Amoa Resort is currently working with Women in Business as well as other organic farmers to supply local organic produce from around Savaii.